Human Footprint

05. November 2014 - 08. March 2015

Human Footprint: Human activity in satellite imagery

For thousands of years, humanity has conquered the planet and increasingly reshaped the environments in which we live. The concept of the “human footprint” describes the extent to which man’s activities influence the Earth’s different regions, landscapes, and ecosystems.

Maps may render the degree to which the planet’s surface has been altered, but they are too abstract to give us a real sense of the diversity of the ways in which humans refashion the world in which they live, and they certainly cannot illustrate the concrete actions involved.

About fifty large-format satellite images present spectacular views of our Earth and
show how drastically we humans transform our natural environment. The exhibition highlights the planet’s beauty as well as its vulnerability.

The art prints address issues such as extreme forms of human settlement, mining, agriculture, traffic, and energy. The motifs invite us to marvel at the wide variety of different patterns, structures, and palettes and reflect on the processes they visualize.