Asteroid Day 2023

Asteroid Day, the official United Nations’ day of global awareness and education about asteroids, will celebrate its ninth anniversary on 30 June 2023. What began as two live stream broadcasts in 2014, now includes thousands of independent events organized by institutions around the world on all five continents.

Asteroid Day was co-founded by astrophysicist and famed musician Dr. Brian May of the rock group QUEEN; Apollo 9 Astronaut Rusty Schweickart; Filmmaker Grig Richters; and B612 President Danica Remy, to promote awareness and provide knowledge to the general public about the importance of asteroids in the formation of our universe and the role they play in our solar system today. Events are scheduled during the week of June 30th, the date of the largest asteroid strike on Earth recorded to date, known as the “Tunguska event”.
General information about the International Asteroid Day:



Asteroid Day at NHM Vienna, 2023


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