Scientific publications

Not only the “Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums” are published at the Natural History Museum but also an assortment of series, among them type catalogues, determination literature or the well-known “Flora Iranica”.

Annals of the Natural History Museum Vienna

The Annals of the Natural History Museum Vienna are among the oldest scientific peroodicals in Europe. They are published once a year in two series and are focusing on material from the scientific collections of the Natural History Museum as well as research priorities at the museum.

ArchOn Hallstatt

This online series will bundle information on the Hallstatt site in Upper Austria to include all aspects of multi-layered research. Detailed material templates will also find their place in the series, as will the interdisciplinary evaluations of the findings and finds, reports on experiments, student theses, exposure, and restoration protocols as well as expert reports and information on public events.


Articles about alpine landsnails are published in irregular intervals.

NATURhistorisches - the NHM Magazine

The magazine "Naturhistorisches" is published as a re-launch of the NHM magazine "Das Naturhistorische". The  magazine  presents the Natural History Museum to a broad audience from different perspectives four times a year.

Available in German only.


The online version of "Praehistorische Forschungen" will also serves to publish monographic works and edited volumes on archaeological sites. In addition to the scientific discussion of the material and interdisciplinary research, the intention of the monographs is to contain detailed material catalogues and tables.


This irregularly issued bulletin is published since october 1998. The jounal focuses on articles about taxonomy, phylogeny and morphology of butterlies, especially in quadrifine noctuids.

ended series

Amemboa (discontinued)

Amemboa, News and Results on Thai Heteroptera
Amemboa was the bulletin for the project "Heteroptera of Thailand". Here, articles about thai heteroptera - especially checklists, determinations keys and faunistic studies - were published irregularly.

Flora Iranica (completed)

The Flora Iranica is describing in 181 volumes the Flora of Iran and adjacent areas.

Catalogue (discontinued)

to the scientific collections of the Natural Histroy Museum Vienna

Proceedings (discontinued)

of the Natural History Museum