Department of Prehistory

It is the task of the prehistoric department of the Natural History Museum to research the history of mankind based on their legacies and to communicate the knowledge gained. The irreplaceable relics of the past are collected, preserved and studied by the employees.

In addition to the director, the department consists currently of five academic employees, a restorer, two conservators, an assistant, a project member and a freelancer.

"The Department of Prehistory has one of the largest and most diverse archaeological collections in Europe with outstanding individual finds of international importance such as the Venus of Willendorf, the bull from Býčí skála, the dagger of Maiersdorf, the vessels of Sopron and the unique finds from the Hallstatt mine and burial ground. Our scientists investigate exclusive archaeological sites, including Hallstatt, the Kranawetberg, Brunn am Gebirge and Roseldorf and by doing so, they make important contributions to the development of our profession." (Dr. Anton Kern, Director of the Department)

On the following pages we will provide soon extensive information about our collections and research priorities.