The Natural History Museum Vienna


"To the realm of nature and its exploration"

Mission Statement

The Natural History Museum Vienna preserves, expands, researches and presents its extensive collections covering biology, earth sciences, anthropology and archaeology in a building designed as a total work of art. It conveys the diversity of nature, the evolution of Planet Earth and life, and the related cultural development of humankind. Furthermore, it serves as an inspirational meeting place for dialogue and exchange of ideas between the scientific community and the general public.

Vision Statement

The Natural History Museum aims to make a significant contribution to sustainable development in Austria, Europe and the world. We strive to achieve this goal through our excellent disciplinary, interdisciplinary and participatory research, by opening up our collections to a wider audience  using digital technology, by employing innovative, inclusive and inspiring approaches to teaching science, and by becoming a fully carbon-neutral museum by 2030.

Museum Concept

Founded over 270 years ago, we are a research museum whose origins date back to the imperial collections of the 18th century. "Dedicated to the kingdom of nature and its exploration", our building, exhibitions and collections form a total work of art with a unique atmosphere in the heart of Vienna.
Collecting, preserving, researching, presenting and communicating have always been central to our museum. Our staff takes pride in preserving, expanding, displaying and studying the museum’s collections comprising more than 30 million objects from biology, earth sciences, anthropology and archaeology. We share the results of our independent, excellent research work in a variety of ways, including exhibitions and activities held both at the museum and online. We strive to make research visible as a dynamic process that constantly raises new questions.
We present an overall picture of our planet and its history, showcasing the diversity of nature as well as the evolution of life and the biological and cultural development of humankind. The main museum building and its branches invite a diverse public to enjoy the wonders of nature. These locations should serve as places of inspiration where visitors can learn to appreciate the natural world. We see it as our task to create an inclusive platform for participation, dialogue and an exchange of views on current issues.
In times of global change, our museum staff cooperates closely with the international research community to address burning issues like climate change, rapid loss of biodiversity and the changing relationship between humans and nature. With our expertise we wish to contribute to creating broad awareness of the causes and the consequences of ongoing developments and are committed to responsible action for the future.