Support Departments


Granser Wolfgang / Head of accounting
Ehrentraud Sylvia / accounting
Fiby Leopold / accounting
Lettner Regina / purchase


Windisch Sonja / Controlling

Human Resources

Lhotak Elke / Deputy CFO; proxy; head of legal & internal revision; interim head of human resources
Burger-Koch Sabine / Human Resources
Hösch Christian / Human Resources
Jakits Norbert / Human Resources
Schimpf Bernhard / Staff law department

Visitor service

Altenburger Markus / Head of visitor service

Building Services & Security

Fischer Christian / Head of building services & security
Hamp Walter / Deputy head of department; exhibit & media technician
Pristacz Helmut / Exhibit & media technician
Reynier Michael / Exhibit & media technician
Momen Hischam / Exhibit & media technician
Bauer Michael / Electrical-, exhibition-, event- and media engineering
Magusin Michal / HKLS-technician
Sungur Muhammed / HKLS-technician
Woditsch Nikolaus / Painter
Baumgartner Erich / Serviceteam
Horvath Michael / Serviceteam
Saboy Richard / Serviceteam
Endler Christina / Carpenter

Marketing & Sales

Koller Marion / Head of marketing & sales, sponsorship
Hedberg Verena / event management
Runda Wolfgang / event management
Viehberger Ingrid / event management
Urban Petrissa / marketing & sales
Feiler Gloria / event management, currently on maternity leave


Lang Elisabeth / shop management
Taumberger Christoph / assistant to shop management

Exhibition management

Laumann Markus / Head of Exhibition Management
Österreicher Carina / Registrar at the department Exhibiton-management
Landsiedl Julia / Head of scenography and graphics
Hochreiter Rosemarie / Graphic design

Press & Marketing

Kubadinow Irina / Head of Press & Public Relations
Reuss Magdalena / Deputy head of department; press officer
Zwischenberger Anton / Online- & Social Media-Communication, Web editing
Kertész-Schenk Nikolett / Press officer, currently on maternity leave
Rittmannsperger Christina / photographer and filmer
Schumacher Alice / photographer


Zimmermann Eva / Head of the Libraries Department, Deputy Head of the NHM Vienna Publishing House, Equal Treatment Officer
Grillitsch Martin / librarian
Müller Bettina / library exchange
Feiler Gloria / event management, currently on maternity leave
Fiedler Sarah Magdalena / Deputy head of the NHM Vienna libraries
Steiner Julia / librarian
Dang Maria / descriptive cataloging
Herzog-Gutsch Sonja / librarian
Vrazek Edeltraud / book binder


Kroh Andreas / Vice CEO Science; staff scientist and curator; head of the NHM Vienna publishing house
Krapf Andrea / Assistance & Publications
Wölfel Katharina / Research Coordination