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Citizen science at the NHM Vienna

Citizen science is the term used to describe public participation in scientific activities. The concept has been around since the 18th century, enriching scientific research ever since.

The NHM Vienna offers a great number of opportunities for contributing to its many research and collection activities – opportunities amply made use of by the interested public in recent years.

The digital revolution of recent years has been a boon to citizen science. Whether it’s collecting snails, observing falcons or working on the collection holdings of the museum – every interested member of the public has the possibility to support the work of our scientists and thereby create new knowledge.

There are three ways to be a part of the activities at the NHM Vienna - simply choose what you like best and obtain information.

Enjoy being a part of our research activities!

Be a part of our research

Participation in scientific projects and research in the context of the “citizen science” programme.
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Be a part of it at the museum

Collaborating in the activities at research departments and collection holdings at the museum.
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Work experience days

In the context of “work experience days”, school pupils can learn about everyday work at the museum.
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Detailed information about Citizen Science:

Citizen Science Strategy at the NHM-Vienna


For questions concerning Citizen Science at the NHM-Vienna please contact:

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