Bräuchler Christian / Head of the Botany-Department
Rainer Heimo / vice-head of the department / staff scientist
Schuster Tanja / Curator of Cryptogames
Wallnöfer Bruno / Curator of Phanerogam/ head of collections of threedimensional objects (fruits and seets, wood samples, liquid collections)
Hille Astrid / currently on maternity leave
Walter Johannes / project staff "SYNTHESYS+"
Polansky Michael / Employee
Kiesel Megumi / Employee / library
Vobrová Eliška / Employee
Grimm Franz / preparator
Kautzky Angelika / preparator
Hübner Thomas / „Catalogus Phanerogamarum“ project
Wurz Andrea / preparator
Schinhärl Lena / „Catalogus Phanerogamarum“ project
Sonnleitner Michaela / project employee "ABOL"