Accessibility statement

Content of this page:
  • Current state of compatibility with requirements
  • Non-accessible content
  • Creation of this accessibility statement
  • Feedback and contact details
  • Enforcement procedure
This accessibility statement applies to the website
The Natural History Museum Vienna endeavors to make its website accessible in accordance with the Austrian Web Accessibility Act (Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz, WZG) as amended designed to implement EU Directive 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016 on barrier-free access to the websites and mobile applications of public authorities (OJ L 327, 2.12.2016, p. 1).

Current state of compatibility with requirements

This website complies to a large extent with Conformance Level AA of the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Web - WCAG 2.1" and the applicable European Standard EN 301 549 V2.1.2 (2018-08).
Some content does not comply with these requirements. This content is listed below.

Non-accessible content

The listed website content is not accessible for the following reasons:
a. Incompatibility with accessibility provisions
  1. There are no alternative texts for some pictures. New pictures will be provided with alternative text in the future, and already uploaded pictures which are not purely decorative will be continuously revised.
  2. For time-based media such as audio and video content, subtitles are largely, but not completely, available. Text or audio alternatives are not available for video. We plan to take this into account in the next development cycles.
  3. The basic color contrasts are accessible. Color markings for links are not –
these are still being revised.
  1. The contrast of texts and graphics have not yet been optimized and are being revised.
  2. Most content shown in Hover/Focus is not yet available and is being revised.
  3. Keyboard operability is currently not fully guaranteed and is under review.
  4. Navigability is still being checked with regard to repetitive content blocks and focus handling. Link texts that are not self-explanatory are being revised.
  5. Visible keyboard focus is currently not available, but is being revised.
  6. Operability with different input methods (pointer gestures / pointer cancellation) is not 100 % guaranteed and is being revised.
  7. Input errors are currently explained in text form, but without suggestions for correction. This will be changed.
Non-accessible content is being revised and should meet the requirements as far as possible by the end of the first quarter of 2021.
b. Disproportionate burden
We have examined the feasibility of providing alternative content to time-based media and concluded that this would represent a disproportionate burden, since many of the videos are owned by third parties. However, in the future implementation of audio and video content we will ensure that more attention is paid to the requirements.
c. These contents do not fall within the scope of the applicable legal provisions:

PDF documents linked on the website are not accessible. These files are not tagged and can therefore not or only insufficiently be captured by screen readers.
Content belonging to third parties, for example studies or presentation material from external lecturers, which are not within the sphere of influence of the Natural History Museum Vienna, are excluded from EU Directive 2016/2102. No statement can be made on the compatibility of such third-party content with accessibility regulations. This content is not the responsibility of the NHM Vienna.

Creation of this accessibility statement

This declaration was drawn up on 21 September 2020. The assessment of the compatibility of the website with the Austrian Web Accessibility Act to implement EU Directive 2016/2102 was based on a self-test conducted by the NHM Vienna.

Feedback and contact details

We strive to make our website content accessible and usable for all people. The content and services are continuously revised and improved in terms of accessibility and usability. If you notice any barriers that make it difficult or impossible to use the website, please let us know by e-mail.
Please send your messages and suggestions to with the subject "Note on website accessibility". Please describe the problem and provide the URL(s) of the pages or documents concerned.
Thank you for helping improve our website!
Contact us:
Natural History Museum Vienna
Communication & Media Department

Enforcement procedure

If you are not satisfied with the answers you receive from the above-mentioned contact, you can make a complaint to the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). The FFG accepts complaints submitted electronically using the online contact form.
Contact form

These complaints are examined by the Agency to determine whether they relate to violations of the provisions set out in the Austrian Web Accessibility Act, in particular deficiencies when it comes to compliance with accessibility requirements (either by the Federal Government or an institution attributable to it).
If the complaint is found to be justified, the Agency must then make recommendations to the Federal Government or the legal entities concerned and propose measures to remedy the deficiencies in question.
Further information on the complaint procedure