Announcement of a scientific staff position at the Department of Botany, Natural History Museum Vienna
This full-time position (40 hours) comprises the scientific management/curatorship of the cryptogamic collection of the Botany Department, at the Natural History Museum Vienna.
• doctoral degree (PhD) in biology (botany);
• several years of post-doc experience in botany, preferably with focus on mosses and/or algae (especially diatoms);
• scientific publications in international peer reviewed journals, in botany (preferably cryptogamy); and documentation of research activities (in relevant third party funded projects);
• well-established international scientific network;
• knowledge of classical and modern methods in botany;
• good knowledge of nomenclature and taxonomy of mosses and/or algae (especially diatoms)
• curatorial experience concerning scientific cryptogamic collections;
• willingness to participate/support didactic projects and exhibitions;
• willingness to conduct joint research projects with department colleagues (including joint field work)
• excellent knowledge of German language, very good knowledge of English, both spoken and written;
• ability to work in a team.
Experiences and skills relevant for the position
• successful acquisition and leadership of externally funded relevant research projects;
• experience in communication of scientific topics to the scientific community and to the public/media;
• experience in SEM-, LM-microscopy and necessary preparation techniques
• experience in working with aDNA
• good IT (computing) knowledge, including experience with databases.
• curating the relevant collections of the Natural History Museum, including management, loan processing, digitization, administration and expansion of the collection;
• international and national curatorial cooperation;
• extension and curation of data in the departments collection database (JACQ);
• participation in departmental duties beyond the cryptogamic section;
• supervision of volunteers.
• planning and realization of research projects concerning kryptogamy;
• raising external funding for such research projects;
• presentation of research at international congresses and workshops;
• publication of results in international scientific journals.
Education and Public Relations
• support of the educational role of the museum (exhibitions, popular science publications, presentations, guided tours; answering relevant requests of students and laypersons) in collaboration with the Department of Exhibition and Education of the NHM;
• cooperation with media and institutions of education (publications, presentations, interviews, advice and projects) in consultation with the Department of Communication and Media of the NHM.
According to the FWF standard personnel costs and salaries (postdoc):
Applications must include:
• CV (including publication list, separated in international peer-reviewed scientific papers and other publications);
• letter of application and motivation, specifying qualifications according to the announcement;
• name and address of at least two (independent) colleagues who can, upon request, prepare reference letters.
Applications via postal mail or e-mail (preferably in German, English is accepted, but see the requirement of demonstrated excellent knowledge of German; in the form of a single [combined] PDF document) must be received no later than February 15, 2020 at the general director's office of the Natural History Museum Vienna; Burgring 7; 1010 Wien, Austria;