14. May 2011 - 26. June 2011

Art exhibition about Synthetic Biology: this exhibition conveys a glimpse into Synthetic Biology and its potential societal ramifications through an artists’ point of view.

This exhibition presents art work related to Synthetic Biology: While artists increasingly use biotechnologies in order to manipulate living systems, the new field of Synthetic Biology aims at applying engineering principles to biology, so to not only modify but to build up „life“ from scratch. In the exhibition synth-ethic, internationally reknown artists question this new technological dimension and the deriving ethical stance when life becomes synthetic. Their works explore the areas of tension between molecular biology and ecology, architecture and biochemistry, technology and nature, cybernetics and alchemy.



Bio:Fiction Science, Art- & Film Festival

13. -14. May 2011

Bio:Fiction Science, Art & Filmfestival aims at attracting public awareness to this technology and its ramifications for our daily life in the future.