Main Collection: approx. 800 000 specimens, 6 000 Types (Online-inventory of Nematocera-Types)


Important collections:
  • Coll. Winthem,
  • Coll. Wiedemann (including also several types by Th. Say),
  • Coll. Schiner,
  • Egger,
  • Frauenfeld,
  • Adam Handlirsch,
  • Mik,
  • Brauer,
  • Bergenstamm (including Types by Rondani and Robineau - Desvoidy)
  • Czerny and
  • Hendel.

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During June 2007 and June 2010, the Diptera collection participated in a project on surveillance of bluetongue disease in Austria. In this study, phenology and geographical distribution of the vectors of bluetongue disease, biting midges of the genus Culicoides, were investigated.


Peter Sehnal, curator

Mag. Franziska Anderle, freelancer

Mag. Dr. R. Contreras-Lichtenberg, retired

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Adresses of European Dipterists