Hymenoptera Collection

The collection of Hymenoptera housed in the Natural History Museum Vienna (NHMW) is a large, world wide collection. It consists of more than one million specimens, both historical and recently collected material, from all biogeographic regions. Several thousand type specimens, which are essential for systematically working entomologists all over the world, are among this material. Especially noteworthy are the (type-)collections of Foerster (Chalcidoidea), Hammer (Mutillidae), Handlirsch (Sphecidae), Kohl (Sphecidae), Mayr (Formicidae), Priesner (Pompilidae), Schletterer (Evanioidea), Soika (Mymaridae), Tschek (Ichneumonidae) and Zimmermann (Chrysididae). Also, in recent years M. Fischer's work on Braconidae enlarged the type collection of this group enormousely.


History of the Hymenoptera Collection
Sabulosi - Beiträge zur Hymenopterologie
Inventories of the Hymenoptera Collection