Asteroid Day 2018

Saturday, 30. June 2018, 14:00 Uhr | NHM Event
On June 30th 2018 the 4th International Asteroid Day will take place.
The intention of this event is to generate awareness about hazards from space as a natural force and to promote knowledge about asteroids.

As an official partner of the Asteroid Day in Austria, the NHM Vienna presents a special afternoon program to this topic, with the highlight being the opening of a Meteor-Radar station to detect small extraterrestrial debris, of which a steady flux of about 100 tons reaches the Earth´s surface per day. Larger objects, called meteoroids, which transit the Earth`s atmosphere not only produce characteristic luminous phenomena but also reflect radar waves. These signals are detected using a receiver antenna on the roof of the main building of Natural History Museum Vienna and can be followed visually and acoustically in an upcoming Meteor-Radar station to be installed in the museum's famous Meteorite Hall.


2:00 p.m.: Welcome to the 4th International Asteroid Day in collaboration with the Österreichische Versuchssenderverband (ÖVSV) | Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Köberl (Director General of the Natural History Museum Vienna)
2:10 p.m.: Erfassung von extraterrestrischen Trümmerteilchen mittels Radar (in German) | Ing. Michael Zwingl (President of the Österreichische Versuchssenderverband, ÖVSV)
3:15 p.m.: Opening of the new Meteor-Radar station in hall V, the Meteorite Hall |
Dr. Ludovic Ferrière (NHMW), Dr. Julia Walter-Roszjár (NHMW), Ing. Michael Zwingl (ÖVSV)
Welcome and talk in German.

Opening of the Meteor-Radar station in hall V (Meteorite Hall) in German and English.

Valid entrance ticket required. Attendance of the program is free.

More information about the Asteroid Day is available here: