#NHMLoveNotWar – The Instagram-Challenge accompanying the exhibition

„Make love, not war“ – using this motto we want to fill the digital world with peace!
Share your individual pictures of peace and love as an antithesis to war – whether in the city, in the nature or in your personal environment!

You can submit your images on Instagram from October 24th, 2018, until March 31st, 2019, using the hashtag #NHMLoveNotWar.
Our partners of the challenge are Instagramers Austria and Instagramers Vienna.
The best images will be selected each month and will be shown on a screen in hall 50 („Peace Gallery“). Furthermore, the 50 best images will be part of the peace-book, which will be handed to the Federal President of Austria after the end of the exhibition.
The jury consists of the following members:
#NHMLoveNotWar – please use this hashtag, so that we can find your pictures.
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@nhmwien @igersvienna @igersaustria.at
  1. Prize: mussels and asparagus dinner in the historic atmosphere of NHM Vienna, an exhibition package for „War. Tracing an evolution“ (1x2 tickets and an exhibition catalogue), 1x Staud’s edition „Sisi & Franz“. In addition, the winning image will be shown in the exhibition in hall 50 and will be prominently positioned in the book handed to the President of Austria.
  2. Prize: an NHM Vienna-museum package: 1x2 tickets, a voucher for a guided tour of your choice, a book about the museum, 1x Staud’s edition „Sisi & Franz“.
  3. Prize: 2x2 tickets for NHM Vienna, 1x Staud’s edition „Sisi & Franz“
You can find the conditions of participation here.