Victoria Pail

Project researcher

Congress contributions

FISCHER, I., SITTENTHALER, M., PAIL, V., ZANGL, L., KOBLMÜLLER, S., CHOVANEC, A., & HARING, E. (2021): Identification of dragonflies and damselflies (Insecta: Odonata): DNA barcoding of exuviae and eDNA analysis of water samples. – Management of animal and plant genetic resources – p. 53, International Conference on Management of animal and plant genetic resources, Tirana, Albania (Academy of Science of Albania).

FISCHER, I., SITTENTHALER, M., CHOVANEC, A., PAIL, V., & HARING, E. (2020). DNA barcoding methods for the detection of dragonfly species. Presented at the 4th Annual Meeting in Conservation Genetics 2020, Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Senckenberg Society for Nature Research.

FISCHER, I., SITTENTHALER, M., CHOVANEC, A., PAIL, V., & HARING, E. (2020). DNA-Barcoding Methoden zum Nachweis von Libellen.  Presented at the 39. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft deutschsprachiger Odonatologen (GdO) e. V., Höxter, Germany.

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