Dr. Nikolaus Szucsich




Phone:+43 1 5237302-135
since 2011                 1KITE; Phylogenomics of Hexapoda (1000 insect species)
since 2012-               DNA-Barcoding of Protura
since 2012-               complete genomes of primarily wingless insects– in cooperation with (i) ZMB of the Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig (Bonn, Germany) (ii) i5K and (iii) AG Zdobnov (University Geneva, Switzerland)
since 2013-               DNA-Barcoding of Austrian myriapods and primarily wingless insects
since 2013-               Phylogenomics of Myriapoda
Date and place of birth: 22. 11. 1969 in Eisenstadt/ Austria

1979 – 1987              secondary school: BG Mattersburg
1988 – 1993              study of Journalism and Arts History: University of Vienna
1989 – 1990              study of Technical Mathematics: Technical University of Vienna
1990 – 1998              study of Biology (Zoology): University of Vienna
2004 – 2007              doctoral thesis (Zoology): University of Vienna (FWF project P17038-B03: "Phylogenetic relationships of basal hexapods: a combined approach" - Prof. Dr. Günther Pass)
2007/2008                 Postdoc, Institut für Allgemeine Zoologie, Universität Rostock (Dr. Christian Wirkner)
2008-2010                 Postdoc, Research assistant, Dept. of Evolutionary Biology, University of Vienna (FWF project P 20497-B17: "Are the Hexapoda monophyletic? Conflicting hypotheses regarding their relationships to myriapods and crustaceans " – Prof. Dr. Günther Pass)
2010-2011                 Substitute Professor for Entomology, Biozentrum Grindel & Zoological Museum, University of Hamburg
2011-2012                 Postdoc, Research assistant, Dept. of Integrative Zoology, University of Vienna (FWF project P 20497-B17: "Are the Hexapoda monophyletic? Conflicting hypotheses regarding their relationships to myriapods and crustaceans " – Prof. Dr. Günther Pass)
Since 2014                 ABOL Manager
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Peer reviewed Journals

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    Andere Journals
  • Szucsich, N. U., D. Bartel and K. P. Zulka (2011) Short note on the occurrence of Lithobius microps and L. curtipes (Chilopoda, Myriapoda) in Austria. – Entomologische Mitteilungen aus dem Museum Hamburg 15 (185): 271-273
  • Herzig, A. and Szucsich, N. (1997) Rote Liste gefährdeter Tiere des Burgenlandes. Biologisches Forschungsinstitut Burgenland, Bericht 87: 15-33 (compiled from literature)
  • Arthropod evolution, phylogeny and phylogenomics
  • Barcoding & Integrative Taxonomy of soil arthropods (myriapods, primarily wingless insects)
  • Fauna Austriaca (own focus: myriapods, primarily wingless insects)
  • Scientific concepts of phylogeny and evolutionary biology
  • 3D-Reconstruction & Visualization of arthropod morphology