Stefan Szeiler


Preparator, Collection Manager


  • Organization of the showcases in the halls 22-24,
  • Making of wet preparations (Alcohol, alternatively Formaldehyde) and Microslides,
  • Dry preparations by Paraffining,
  • Making of Models,
  • Control,
  • Regenerate,
  • Filling of Präparategläser,
  • Take an inventory from material,
  • Organization of the Library of the Collection Evertebrata varia, as well as
  • Organization of the borrowings of the Collection material and the Library.


Phone:+43 1 52177-390
Fax: +43 1 52177-327

E.K. Schiller, E. Haring, B. Däubl, L. Gaub, S. Szeiler, H. Sattmann 2014: Ethanol concentration and sample preservation considering diverse storage parameters: a survey of invertebrate wet collections of the Natural History Museum Vienna. 01/2014

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