Stefan Szeiler

collection manager
  • Organization of the showcases in the halls 22-24,
  • Making of wet preparations (Alcohol, alternatively Formaldehyde) and Microslides,
  • Dry preparations by Paraffining,
  • Making of Models,
  • Control,
  • Regenerate,
  • Filling of Präparategläser,
  • Take an inventory from material,
  • Organization of the Library of the Collection Evertebrata varia, as well as
  • Organization of the borrowings of the Collection material and the Library.
Phone: +43 1 52177-390
Fax: +43 1 52177-327

02. Bogutskaya NG, Mikschi E, Riedl MD, Szeiler S, Frade PR and Palandacic A (2022) An annotated catalogue of the type specimens described by Maximilian Holly housed in the Natural History Museum of Vienna. Part. 1. Chordata: Actinopterygii and Echinodermata: Asteroidea. Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien B 124: 19-92
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01. E.K. Schiller, E. Haring, B. Däubl, L. Gaub, S. Szeiler, H. Sattmann 2014: Ethanol concentration and sample preservation considering diverse storage parameters: a survey of invertebrate wet collections of the Natural History Museum Vienna. 01/2014
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3. zoology

Akkari Nesrine
Curator of the collection Myriapoda / staff scientist
Barta Anna-Chiara
Project researcher
Coelho David
Associated scientist
Dworschak Peter C.
Associated scientist / formerly curator of the collection Crustacea
Eschner Anita
curator of the collection Mollusca / staff scientist
Feiler Gloria
Assistant for the 3rd Zoology
Frade Pedro
curator of the collection Evertebrata Varia
Gallmetzer Ivo
staff scientist
Greilhuber Matthäus
Associated scientist
Gruber Jürgen
Associated scientist / formerly curator of the collection Arachnoidea
Hörweg Christoph
Head of the 3. Zoological Department / curator of the collection Arachnoidea / staff scientist
Macek Oliver
Manager DNA & tissue collection, Collection Assistant (Myriapoda)
Marchioro Giulia
Associated scientist
Mason Katharina
staff scientist
Pruckner Christian
Associated scientist
Sattmann Helmut
Associated scientist / formerly head of department and curator of the collection Evertebrata varia
Schiller Edmund
collection assistant in the collections Arachnoidea & Crustacea
Schnedl Sara Maria
collection assistant in the collection Mollusca
Schwentner Martin
curator of the collection Crustacea / staff scientist
Seiter Michael
Associated scientist
Stagl Verena
Associated scientist / formerly curator of the collection Myriapoda
Wöss Emmy
Associated scientist