Bettina Müller

library exchange
Phone: +43 1 52177 517

Support Departments

Altenburger Markus
Head of visitor service
Bächle Tabita
Project employee project "Kulturerbe digital"
Bauer Michael
Electrical-, exhibition-, event- and media engineering
Bauer-Thell Wilhelm
people photographer
Burger-Koch Sabine
Human Resources
Dang Maria
descriptive cataloging
Fiedler Sarah Magdalena
head of the libraries department
Fischer Christian
Head of building services & security
Fürst Isabella
junior designer
Gritsch Joana
Assistance design team / exhibition management
Haider Anna
Project employee project "Kulturerbe digital"
Hamp Walter
Deputy head of department; exhibit & media technician
Hedberg Verena
Event management
Herzner Claudia
Marketing & Sales
Hochreiter Rosemarie
Graphic design
Jakits Norbert
Human Resources
Karas Leah
deputy head of the libraries department
Karst Eva
technical assistance
Koller Marion
Head of marketing & sales, sponsorship
Kollmann Julia
Registrar and general assistance at the exhibition management
Krapf Andrea
vice head of the NHMuseum Press
Kraski Nadja
Press officer
Kroh Andreas
Vice CEO Science; staff scientist and curator; head of the NHM Vienna publishing house
Kubadinow Irina
Head of Press & Public Relations
Kurowski Piotr
Landsiedl Julia
Head of scenography and graphics
Lang Elisabeth
shop management
Laumann Markus
Head of Exhibition Management
Lhotak Elke
Deputy CFO; proxy; head of human resources and legal affairs
Loos Dimitri
Building projects
Magusin Michal
Momen Hischam
Exhibit & media technician
Muhsil-Schamall Josef
print & media technology
Österreicher Carina
Registrar at the department Exhibiton-management
Pohanka Max
Employee sponsoring
Potter Chloe-Anna
Object photographer
Pristacz Helmut
Exhibit & media technician
Rendl Julia
Assistant Marketing & Sales
Reuss Magdalena
Webmaster, currently on maternity leave
Runda Wolfgang
Event management
Saboy Richard
Schimpf Bernhard
Staff law department
Slany Markus
Human Resources
Spreer Jasmin
Steiner Julia
Sungur Muhammed
Taumberger Christoph
assistant to shop management
Viehberger Ingrid
Event management
Vrazek Edeltraud
book binder
Wimmer-Etz Gerhard
staff law department
Zwischenberger Anton
Online- & Social Media-Communication, Web editing