Wolfgang Reichmann

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Berner Margit
staff scientist, curator
Eggers Sabine
staff scientist, curator
Haselbacher Roman
preparation / PaSiN
Hofecker Verena
collection manager PaSiN
Marschler Maria
Project Staff LDDL, Synthesys+ AT-TAF Administrator, VA Coordinator, DiSSCo Prepare Secretariat
Novotny Friederike
project researcher
Pany-Kucera Doris
Scientific assistant in the ERC Synergy Grant HistoGenes Projekt (OEAW), Department of Anthropology, Natural History Museum Vienna
Patzak Anatole
PaSiN / Shop
Spannagl-Steiner Ute Michaela
scientific assistant Austrian Academy of Science, place of work: department of anthropology, NHM-Vienna
Stadlmayr Andrea
staff scientist, outreach coordinator
Voglsinger Bettina
administrative assistant
Walch August
Wiltschke-Schrotta Karin
Head of department