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24. November 2015 – 31. January 2016
An initiative on breast cancer in cooperation with Novartis Oncology

We dedicate this campaign to all women suffering from breast cancer and wish to send them hope and courage.

To visualize breast cancer as dramatic episode in life we have provided Novartis Oncology a very special testimonial: the Venus of Willendorf. She is arguably the most famous woman of Austria and stands for womanhood and fertility.

Through manipulating her replica we formed an eye-opening, thought-provoking symbol that creates awareness. To inform and to support.
Novartis Oncology – decades of experiences and expertise in breast cancer research

For more than 20 years, Novartis Oncology is highly committed to find new therapy options for patients with breast cancer. With the clinical studies program numerous patients obtain early access to medication and innovative ways of therapy.

Novartis Oncology maintains long-standing and close relationships with medical experts and patient organizations.

With their market-approved products and the acquisition of the oncology portfolio of GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis Oncology offers a broad spectrum of therapy options and is proud of its promising pipeline. This makes them a valuable partner in research and therapy of breast cancer, offering innovative solutions in different indications.

Breast cancer is one of the most widespread cancers in women. Each year about 5,000 women in Austria are diagnosed, which means that every 8th woman is diagnosed with this disease once in her life. Unlike in the past, when malignant cancer was a sure sentence of death, cancer today is considered potentially curable. Even more through education and timely information. However, women fighting breast cancer often feel marginalized by society. Sadly, they are still stigmatized by their disease.

We launched this “Disease Awareness” campaign of Novartis Oncology with a press conference on November 24th in our newly renovated prehistory exhibition halls. Affected women gave insight into what it’s like to live with the diagnosis of breast cancer and medical experts spoke about positive developments in research and therapies of today and what to expect in the future.

We dedicate this campaign to all women suffering from breast cancer and wish to send them hope and courage.

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Date of creation: 11/2015