Restoring ceramics

Volunteers have already been supporting the team at the restoration workshop for more than ten years now.
Most of the work involves simple activities such as cleaning and labelling items, though increasingly volunteers are being asked to take on more specialist tasks such as micro-sandblasting, plaster casting and colouring.

People of all ages are welcome, from students to retirees. In addition to hands-on activities there is also the option of working in the archive and depot.
Important: The project is currently fully booked!

People of all ages who are interested in archaeology and have a talent for working with their hands.
Citizen Scientists are welcome to participate at any time.

In the restoration workshop of the Department of Prehistory at the Natural History Museum Vienna.
Tasks: cleaning, labelling, finding and gluing ceramics from fragments, creating missing pieces, colouring objects.
If you are interested please contact us:

Mag. Gergana Almstädter
Mag. Gergana Almstädter
Natural History Museum Vienna
Department of Prehistory