Collection Crustacea

curator: Dr. Martin Schwentner



The Crustacea collection of the Natural History Museum Wien (NHMW) houses ~27.000 inventoried objects of more than 5000 crustacean species. Various type specimens of ~800 species are part of the collection, including the types of the species described by C. Heller, H. Balss, and O. Pesta. Extensive collections of freshwater Brachyura, terrestrial Isopoda, "Thalassinidea" and Austrian Branchiopoda as well as of Adriatic decapods on which O. Pesta based his classical monograph "Die Decapodenfauna der Adria" are stored.
The Crustacea collection dates back to the middle of the 18th century. The oldest documented specimens were acquired in 1806. The collection increased rapidly in the 19th century with material obtained from collectors - e.g., J. Natterer (from Brazil); G. Frauenfeld (from the Red Sea); T. Kotschy (from the Gulf of Persia); I. Pfeiffer (from Indonesia) - , during various important expeditions - e.g. the circumnaviagation of the ’Novara’ 1857-1859; the Austrian-Hungarian North Pole-Expedition (1872- 1874); the deep-sea expeditions of the ’Pola’ to the Eastern Mediterranean (1890-1893) and the Red Sea (1895-1898) - as well as from exchange with other museums, institutes or scientists - e.g. the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris; the British Museum, London; P. Roux, Marseille, E. Ehlers, Göttingen; H.N. Kroyer, Copenhagen; J.G. de Man, Yerseke - and purchases - e.g. Museum Godeffroy, Hamburg.
Curators of the Crustacean collection
Johann Gottfried Bremser 1806 - 1826
Vincenz Kollar 1826 - 1860
Ludwig Redtenbacher 1861 - 1865
Alois Rogenhofer 1865 - 1877
Karl Koelbel 1878 - 1896
Theodor Adensamer 1896 - 1900
Arnold Penther 1900 - 1910
Otto Pesta 1910 - 1945
Hans Strouhal 1946 - 1962
Gerhard Pretzmann 1963 - 1994
Peter C. Dworschak 1995 - 2018
Martin Schwentner 2019 -
Authors of species with type material in the Crustacea-Collection of the NHMW (in alphabetical order, only first author listed in case of multi-authored descriptions):


Adensamer, T. (Decapoda)
Anker, A. (Alpheidae)
Ariani, A. (Mysida)
Bacescu, M. (Mysida)
Balss, H. (Decapoda)
Bouvier, E. (Decapoda)
Brauer, F. (Anostraca)
Capolongo, D. (Brachyura)
Coutière, H. (Alpheidae)
Daday, E. (Branchiopoda)
Daday, J. (Ostracoda)
De Grave, S. (Palaemonidae)
Dorado-Roncancio J. (Copepoda)
Dworschak, P.C. (Alpheidae, Axiidea, Gebiidae)
Ďuriš, Z. (Palaemonidae)
Dybowsky, B. (Amphipoda of Lake Baikal)
Eiselt, J. (Copepoda)
Fage, L. (Mysida)
Federspiel, K. (Cirripedia)
Frauenfeld, G. von (Anostraca)
Freitag, H. (Brachyura)
Galil, B. (Brachyura)
Gaviria, S. (Copepoda)
Graf, H. (Ostracoda)
Iepure, S. (Ostracoda)
Heller, C. (Decapoda, Amphipoda, Isopoda, Copepoda, Cirripedia, Branchiura, Stomatopoda, Cumacea, Tanaidacea)
Karaman, M. (Astacidea)
Keikhosravi, A. (Brachyura)
Koelbel, C. (Isopoda)
Kollar, V. (Copepoda)
König, A. (Sergestidae)
Krapp-Schickel, W. (Amphipoda)
Kroyer, H. (Decapoda)
Lanza, B. (Isopoda)
Löffler, H. (Copepoda, Ostracoda)
Lovén, S. (Mysida, Anostraca)
Man, J.G. de (Decapoda)
Mateus, A. (Amphipoda)
Milne-Edwards, A. (Decapoda)
Ngoc-Ho, N. (Upogebiidae)
Pesta, O. (Copepoda, Decapoda, Anostraca)
Petrescu, I. (Cumacea)
Poore, G.C.B. (Axiidea)
Pospisil, P. (Copepoda)
Potočnik F. (Isopoda)
Pretzmann, G. (Brachyura, mainly freshwater crabs)
Sars, G.O. (Mysida)
Schellenberg, A. (Amphipoda)
Schioedte, J.C. (Isopoda)
Schmalfuss, H. (Isopoda)
Schubart, C. (Brachyura)
Schwentner, M. (Branchiopoda)
Smith, S.I. (Mysida)
Spandl, H. (Amphipoda)
Steindachner, F. (Decapoda)
Steuer, A. (Anostraca)
Strouhal, H. (terrestrial Isopoda)
Thiele, J. (Branchiura)
Thiercelin, N. (Brachyura)
Vavra, V. (Anostraca)
Wittmann, K. (Mysida)
Wood-Mason, J. (Decapoda)


The Crustacean Collection of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria

Poster presented at the "7th Colloquium Crustacea Decapoda Mediterranea" in Lisbon, Portugal (6 - 9 September 1999)