PF On - Prähistorische Forschungen Online

edited by Karina Grömer & Anton Kern
(Anthropological Society)

ISSN: 2708-5708

Prähistorische Forschungen Online - The old/ new series

The scientific series "Prähistorische Forschungen" (Prehistoric Research) launched by the Anthropological Society Vienna served to publish monographs on prehistoric and early medieval sites as well as treatises on cultural phenomena.
Volume 9 (2013) of the "Prähistorische Forschungen", Festschrift for Wilhelm Angeli, was the first volume to be published as an online publication. From volume 10 onwards, the "Prehistoric Research" no longer appears in print consequently, but online and is available as a free download under a golden open access strategy. The name of the series is adapted as "Prähistorische Forschungen Online - PF On".

In connection to the previous print series, the online version also serves to publish monographic works and edited volumes on archaeological sites. In addition to the scientific discussion of the material and interdisciplinary research, the intention of the monographs is to contain detailed material catalogues and tables. Research projects and academic works created in cooperation with the Natural History Museum Vienna are a special focus of the series.
Since volume 10, a peer-review approach is used in accordance with modern scientific standards (review by two external scientists). In addition, monographs in German language are supplemented with a bilingual (English  & German) introduction to the topic and an English summary.
The previous volumes of prehistoric research, which had been published in print and are in part already out of print, are being successively digitized and made available as a free download.



Volume 12

Die latènezeitlichen Gräberfeld- und Siedlungsfunde aus Wien XXI und XXII (Leopoldau und Aspern)

(Prähistorische Forschungen 12)

Author: Veronika Holzer, with a contribution by Karin Wiltschke-Schrotta


Editors: Karina Grömer / Anthropological Society of Vienna



ISSN 2708-5708

244 pp., 270 x 190 mm, online only


Volume 11

Mineralisierte Textilreste aus hallstattzeitlichen Gräbern in Slowenien:
Textilarchäologische Analysen anhand der Funde von Magdalenska Gora, Brezje und Podzemlj
(Prähistorische Forschungen 11)


Author: Ronja Lau

Editors: Karina Grömer & Anton Kern / Anthropological Society of Vienna



ISSN 2708-5708

145 pp., 270 x 190 mm, online only


Volume 10

Textilfunde aus der Seeufersiedlung See am Mondsee

(Prähistorische Forschungen 10)

Author: Veronika Holzer

Editors: Karina Grömer & Anton Kern / Anthropological Society of Vienna


ISSN 2708-5708

60 pp., 270 x 190 mm, online only


Volume 9

Festband Wilhelm Angeli zum 90. Geburtstag
Gesammelte Beiträge aus seinem Lebenswerk
mit Schwerpunkt auf Wissenschaftstheorie und Methode

(Prähistorische Forschungen 9)

Editors: Karina Grömer & Angelika Heinrich

Anthorpological Society of Vienna


ISBN 978-3-902421-75-3

374 pp., 270 x 190 mm, online only