Peter Bachmann


Mineral occurrences in the Bucklige Welt and the Schneeberg area


Batic Goran
Berger Anna
Collection manager
Brandstätter Franz
Associated scientist
Ertl-Winand Andreas
Project researcher
Ferrière Ludovic
Staff scientist, curator of the meteorite collection, curator of the impactite collection
Hammer Vera M. F.
Staff scientist, head of the mineral collection, head of the State Gem Institute
Kolitsch Uwe
Head of the Department for Mineralogy & Petrography, curator of the ore deposit collection
Mayr Nina
Assistance mineralogy
Pittarello Lidia
Staff scientist, curator of the rock collection
Schalko Clemens
Collection assistant
Topa Dan
Associated scientist
Walter-Roszjár Julia
Staff scientist, co-curator of the meteorite collection