General Terms and Conditions for Online Ticketing for the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM VIENNA

§1)  These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to online ticket contracts concluded via the website of the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM VIENNA (hereafter: NHM).


§2)  Terms of use and copyrights


1) The NHM reserves all rights to all of the available content, in particular texts, graphics, photos, logos, brands, designs, images, tables, layouts, software applications and their contents. This refers specifically to copyrights, trademark protection rights and other intellectual property rights.


2) Content may only be further distributed by request to and upon express approval from the rights holder NHM. This also applies to the receipt of contributions. The unauthorised use of protected content may lead to civil and criminal prosecution.


3) Furthermore, the NHM expressly reserves the right to limit, expand or shut down the online portal, in part or in whole, at any time without justification. No user or customer rights of any kind may be derived from the range of services offered by the NHM for online portals.


§3)  Online tickets - Declaration of consent


1) Access to the services offered by the NHM (exhibitions, special exhibitions, tours, events, etc.) is only permitted with a valid ticket.


2) By clicking on the “Pay now” button, the customer offers a proposal to conclude an online ticket contract with the NHM.


3) NHM can accept this proposal by sending a confirmation email. The tickets are delivered to the customer upon receipt of the confirmation email. The online ticket can also be printed out at the end of the order process via a link. The customer carries the sole responsibility for providing correct and complete information, a working email address and a complete and legible printout of the online ticket.


4) The online ticket is only valid for the time period defined in agreement with the customer during the ticket purchasing process. The NHM can only be entered with a valid ticket. The visit date cannot be postponed after the contract has been concluded. The ticket may not be redeemed at a later time.


5) Online tickets can be neither exchanged nor (partially) reimbursed.


6) The printout of the online ticket must be presented upon entry when claiming the services granted by the ticket. The NHM validates the ticket using the available means, e.g. manually, electronically or mechanically. Services cannot be claimed by means of void or already validated tickets.


7) The online ticket may only be printed out once by the customer. It is forbidden to print out the same online ticket several times, or copy, reproduce or transfer it. The customer is liable for any violation of these provisions and must carefully protect his online ticket from misuse.


8) Upon ordering an online ticket, the customer accepts the Visitor Rules and Regulations of the NHM. The NHM reserves the right to close the exhibition rooms or halls for security reasons due to overcrowding.


9) The services provided by the NHM are leisure-services as defined by § 18 para 1 10 FAGG, which are performed at a certain time or within a specific period. The customer therefore has no right of withdrawal (§ 18 Abs 1 Z 10 FAGG).


10) By clicking on the statement “I have read and agree with the General Terms and Conditions” the customer agrees to the validity of these GTC and the Visitor Rules and Regulations of the NHM. Exceptions to these GTC are only valid if agreed in writing by both contracting parties.


§4) Payment


1) The payment methods offered by the payment provider are used to pay for the ordered online tickets. Other payment methods are not accepted.


2) If a payment is reversed before entry to the museum, the online ticket is no longer valid.

§5) Prices - Discounts


1) All quoted prices are in euros (€) and inclusive of legally applicable VAT. Each ticket under €400 constitutes an invoice for small amounts according to the Austrian VAT Act as amended.


2) The granting of a price discount is subject to the correct entry of the required information in the online form.


3) No legal claims to a price discount are recognised.


4) If a price discount is claimed, the customer must present official photo identification and valid proof of his eligibility for the discount upon entry when claiming the services.


5) If the price discount was claimed without valid eligibility, the ticket will be void.

§6) Liability


1) NHM is not liable for damages resulting from the unauthorised reproduction or misuse of the online ticket.


2) The online ticket is to be printed out by the customer under his sole responsibility. The customer is also solely responsible for ensuring that the personal information he has provided is correct and complete, in particular, that the email address provided is correct, complete and in working order.

§7) Data protection


1) The customer authorises the NHM to store the data used in the ordering process – for example, for the purposes of processing a claim.

§8)  Place of performance


1) The place of performance is the headquarters of the NHM in 1010 Vienna, Austria.


2) In the event of a dispute arising out of or relating to these GTC, the regional court for Vienna (Inner City) is the exclusive competent court. These GTC are governed by Austrian law.


3) Changes to the present GTC may be made at any time and become legally binding on the day following first publication. Notifications of any changes will be made on the NHM website.


4) If any provision of these GTC is invalid or these GTC contain gaps, the validity of the other provisions will not be affected.  The invalid provision must then be replaced with a valid provision allowing the original economic objective to be achieved insofar as possible. The same applies to the filling of contractual gaps.