Sarah Saadain

Digitisation of the Lepidoptera Collection
Lödl M., Gaal-Haszler S., Huemer P., Saadain S., Wiesmair B., Ronkay G. & Ronkay L., 2019: Noctuoidea of Austria. Quadrifina Volume 15, pp 1-276

Lödl M., Gaal-Haszler S., Huemer P., Saadain S., Wiesmair B., Ronkay G. & Ronkay, L., 2019: On the taxonomy of the Hecatera Guenée, 1852 generic complex (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Hadeninae). I. The identity of Hecatera obscura Staudinger, 1861. Quadrifina Volume 15, pp 277-287

Oral Presentations: Saadain S., Krenn H. W., 2018: The curious incident of the moths at light-time: A study testing the attractiveness of different streetlamps for Lepidoptera. North American Lepidopterists' Society Meeting, 10th -15th of July 2018, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Saadain S., Lödl M., Krenn H. W., 2017: Survey of artificial light, attractiveness of different lamp types on Lepidoptera. 20th European Congress of Lepidopterology, 24th – 30th of April 2017, Podgora, Croatia

Saadain S., Gereben-Krenn B-A., Krenn H. W., 2017: Under the spell of light: Attractiveness of streetlamps on insects in montane habitats [in german]. German Entomology Congress, 13th- 30th of March 2017, Freising, Munich, Germany
Light-pollution and the effect of artificial light on the insect fauna, with special emphasis on Lepidoptera
Lepidoptera of the family Noctuidae: morphology, faunistcs, taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography, ecology and evolution

Additional interests:

2. zoology

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