Sandrina Schwarz

Project researcher "biTEM"

Central Research Laboratories

Ackerl Florian
Project researcher ABOL III
Chen Rui Qiang
Project researcher BMK ABOL C321068
De Mattia Willy
Project researcher
Duda Michael
Project researcher
Fial Nathalie
project researcher RefDat (ABOL Austrian Barcode of Life)
Fischer Iris
Laboratory manager
Haring Elisabeth
Head of department
Heinzl Janine
Project researcher
Kapun Martin
Kargl Victoria
Project researcher ABOL reference data & BioBlitz coordination
Kirchner Sandra
Poject researcher for TETTRIs, Laboratory manager
Kruckenhauser Luise
Head of the DNA Laboratory / Curator of the DNA- and tissue collection / Staff scientist
Leeb Christoph
Project researcher
Löwenstein Augustina
project researcher Gemona (ABOL Austrian Barcode of Life)
Macek Oliver
Manager DNA & tissue collection, Collection Assistant (Myriapoda)
Reier Susanne
Project researcher
Sittenthaler Marcia
Laboratory manager
Sonnleitner Michaela
project employee "ABOL"
Szucsich Nikolaus
Wanka Alexandra Julia
Laboratory manager
Wegner Wencke
Operator for microanalysis
Winkler Viola
operator microCT