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from 15. March 2017
About the diversity of bird species in Vienna

Cities are first and foremost a habitat for humans. Yet, they are characterized by a remarkable diversity of bird species. About 120 species of birds are breeding in gardens, parks, industrial areas, and even in the densely built-up city center of Vienna. Changes in these habitats directly influence the population of blackbirds, gray herons, crested larks, and others – the avifauna of the cities is dynamic!

Thousands of data and specimens that have been collected and evaluated in the bird collection at the Natural History Museum Vienna for more than 200 years are documenting this process. It is essential to keep an eye on our feathered friends in order to prevent the bird species in the city from being ousted by the growing settlements.

On display in hall 29.

This exhibition was funded by the BMLFUW as part of the project "Vielfalt Leben III" and implemented by the NHM Vienna in cooperation with BirdLife Austria.