Planet 3.0

11. November 2015 – 3. April 2016
Climate. Life. Future.
The climate on our planet is probably changing faster now than ever before in its history. This rapid transformation poses many key questions in today’s society. How will climate change affect plants and animals – and, ultimately, human beings? Which new plants and animals will become native to our region and which will disappear? And what influence will these new conditions have on life in general?

The exhibition PLANET 3.0 takes a journey through the history of climate change on Planet Earth and dares to predict how our climate will develop in the future.

Researchers at Natural History Museum Vienna and at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt have developed an image showing what our planet may have looked like billions of years ago.

Visit PLANET 3.0 and embark on a multimedia journey through four billion years of climate history on Planet Earth. Experience eye-catching exhibits, interactive installations and a unique 3D projection of the Earth. Discover what we already know about climate change and how the climate has influenced our lives in the past, influences our lives today and will influence our lives in the future.

The second section of the exhibition gives visitors the chance to experience scientific research at first hand. It comprises seven “research tables” where leading institutions present their work and explain which specific research fields they focus on. Hands-on science at its very best!

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