Nightwatch. A visual conjunction of art and astronomy

from 10. April 2019
The exhibition is part of the photo festival FOTO WIEN.
The exhibition Nightwatch presents works by the artists Angela Schwank, Akelei Sell, and Ulrich Werner in juxtaposition with astronomical photographs, drawings, and scientific graphics. The selection of images focuses attention on the aesthetic quality of structures. Visitors are invited to discover formal and aesthetic parallels and to relate them to contextual associations.
The presentation is based on the idea of the cabinets of arts and curiosities (“Wunderkammern”) during the late Renaissance and Baroque, which were designed to convey a world view from a variety of views. Objects of history, art, and science assembled in showcases make visual and thematic references to the sculptures on the wall. The eponymous computer-generated photo Nightwatch stands for an inner perception of the night.
The exhibition is part of the photo festival FOTO WIEN.

Artists of the exhibition: Angela Schwank, Akelei Sell, Ulrich Werner
Curator: Angela Schwank

In hall 6 of NHM Vienna.