Christian Bräuchler

Head of the Botany-Department
Christian Bräuchlers ORCID record:
Phone: +43 1 52177-563
Born 1975, Mühldorf am Inn, Germany
Academic education

2009: PhD in Biology, LMU, title „Phylogenetische und taxonomische Untersuchungen an der Subtribus Menthinae (Lamiaceae, Nepetoideae, Mentheae) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Satureja-Komplexes“ (Prof. Dr. G. Heubl)
2002: Diploma thesis, LMU, title „Molekulare Phylogenie der Gattungen Digitalis L. und Isoplexis Lindl. (Scrophulariaceae) basierend auf ITS- und trnL-trnF Sequenzen“ (Prof. Dr. G. Heubl)
1995 – 2002: studies of biology, LMU
Scientific positions

since 2020: head of the Department
2018: scientist and curator, Department of Botany, Natural History Museum Vienna
2014-2018: Akademischer Rat, Chair of Restoration Ecology, Technische Universität München (TUM), Freising-Weihenstephan
2007 - 2014: scientific assistant, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)
2007 - 2014: scientific assistant, Botanischen Staatssammlung München (M)
2007 - 2009: scientific assistant LMU
2005 - 2009: scientific assistant M
2003: scientific assistant LMU
ORCID ID 0000-0002-6176-1669

31 peer reviewed (>420 citations, h-index 13); 11 others; 1 accepted, 1 submitted
Peer reviewed (international)
  • Bräuchler, C. (2020). A new combination and an updated identification key for Rhabdocaulon and the differences from Hoehnea (Lamiaceae, Nepetoideae, Mentheae, Menthinae). Phytotaxa, 446(2): 141-143.
  • Siadatia, S., Salmakib, Y. & , Bräuchler, C. (2020). Trichome morphology provides phylogenetically informative signal for generic delimitation in tribe Marrubieae (Lamiaceae). Flora, 273(1): 1-11.
  • Lazzaro, L., Mugnai, M., Ferretti, G., Lazzeri, V., Bräuchler, C. & Foggi, B. (2020). Lectotypification of the names Plantago weldenii and P. commutata (Plantaginaceae). Phytotaxa, 429 (1): 80-84.
  • Schüßler, C., Bräuchler, C., Reyes‐Betancort, J. A., Koch, M. A. & Thiv, M. (2019). Island biogeography of the Macaronesian Gesnouinia and Mediterranean Soleirolia (Parietarieae, Urticaceae) with implications for the evolution of insular woodiness Taxon 68(3): 537-556.
  • Rüegg, S., Bräuchler, C., Geist, J., Heubl, G., Melzer, A. & Raeder, U. (2019). Phenotypic variation disguises genetic differences among Najas major and N. marina, and their hybrids. Aquatic Botany 153: 15-23.
  • Bartolucci, F., Galasso, G. & Bräuchler, C. 2019: Ziziphora sardoa (Asch. & Levier) Bartolucci, Galasso & Bräuchler, comb. nov – in Bartolucci, F. et al.: Notulae to the Italian native vascular flora: 7. Italian Botanist 7: 125-148.
  • Bräuchler, C. (2018). Delimitation and revision of the genus Thymbra. Phytotaxa, 369(1): 15-27.
  • Bräuchler, C. (2018). And now for something completely different – new names in Clinopodium with comments on some types. Phytotaxa, 356(1): 71-80. An erratum has been published in Phytotaxa, 360(3): 300.
  • Forgiarini, C., Curto, M., Stiehl-Alves, E.M., Bräuchler, C., Meimberg, H., Kollmann, J. & Souza-Chies, T.T. (2017). Fifteen microsatellite markers for Herbertia zebrina (Iridaceae): An endangered species from South American grasslands. Applications in Plant Sciences 5: 1700035.
  • Puppo, P., Meimberg, H., Pérez de Paz, P.L. & Bräuchler, C. (2017). Nomenclatural notes on Macaronesian Micromeria (Lamiaceae). Phytotaxa, 317(1): 79-80.
  • Rüegg, S., Raeder, U., Melzer, A., Heubl, G. & Bräuchler, C. (2017). Hybridisation and cryptic invasion in Najas marina L. (Hydrocharitaceae)? Hydrobiologia 784 (1): 381–395.
  • Salmaki, Y., Kattari, S., Heubl, G., & Bräuchler, C. (2016). Phylogeny of non-monophyletic Teucrium L. (Lamiaceae, Ajugoideae): Implications for character evolution and taxonomy. Taxon 65: 805-822(18).
  • Bräuchler, C., Dwivedi, M.D. & Schaefer, H. (2016). Notes on the identity and typification of Zehneria thwaitesii Schweinf. and Zehneria tridactyla (Hook.f.) R.Fern. & A.Fern. (Cucurbitaceae). Phytotaxa 284(2): 143-146.
  • Bräuchler, C. (2015). Towards a better understanding of the Najas marina complex: Notes on the correct application and typification of the names N. intermedia, N. major, and N. marina. Taxon 64: 1028-1030.
  • Puppo, P., Curto, M., Gusmão-Guedes, J., Cochofel, J., Pérez de Paz, P.L., Bräuchler, C. & Meimberg, H. (2015). Molecular phylogenetics of Micromeria (Lamiaceae) in the Canary Islands, diversification and inter-island colonization patterns inferred from nuclear genes. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 89: 160-170.
  • Puppo, P., Meimberg, H., Pérez de Paz, P.L. & Bräuchler, C. (2014). Proposals to conserve the names Micromeria varia with a conserved type and M. hyssopifolia against Thymus ericifolius (M. ericifolia) (Lamiaceae). Taxon 63: 1137–1138.
  • Bendiksby, M., Salmaki, Y., Bräuchler, C. & Ryding, O. (2014). The generic position of Stachys tibetica Vatke, and amalgamation of the genera Eriophyton and Stachyopsis (La-miaceae subfam. Lamioideae). Plant Syst. Evol., 300(5): 961-971.
  • Salmaki, Y., Zarre, S., Ryding, O., Lindqvist, C., Bräuchler, C., Heubl, G., Barber, J. & Bendiksby, M. (2013). Molecular phylogeny of tribe Stachydeae (Lamiaceae subfamily Lamioideae). Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 69: 535-551.
  • Salmaki, Y., Zarré, S., Govaerts, R. & Bräuchler, C. (2012). A taxonomic revision of the genus Stachys (Lamiaceae: Lamioideae) in Iran. Bot. J. Lin. Soc. 170: 573–617
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  • Scheunert, A., Fleischmann, A., Olano-Marín, C., Bräuchler, C. & Heubl, G. (2012). Phylogeny of tribe Rhinantheae (Orobanchaceae) with a focus on biogeography, cytology and re-examination of generic concepts. Taxon 61: 1269-1285.
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  • Herl, V., Albach, D., Bräuchler, C., Heubl, G., Kreis, W. & Müller-Uri, F. (2008). Using progesterone 5ß-reductase, a gene encoding a key enzyme in the cardenolide biosynthesis, to infer the phylogeny of the genus Digitalis. Plant Syst. Evol. 271: 65-78.
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  • Martín-Bravo, S., Meimberg, H., Luceño, M., Märkl, W., Valcárcel, V., Bräuchler, C., Vargas, P. & Heubl, G. (2007). Molecular systematics and biogeography of Resedaceae based on ITS and trnL-F sequences. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 44: 1105-1120.
  • Bräuchler, C., Meimberg, H. & Heubl, G. (2006). New names in Old World Clinopodium L. - the transfer of the species of Micromeria sect. Pseudomelissa to Clinopodium. Taxon 55: 977-981.
  • Meimberg, H., Abele, T., Bräuchler, C., McKay, J.K., Pérez de Paz, P.L. & Heubl, G. (2006). Molecular evidence for adaptive radiation of Micromeria Benth. (Lamiaceae) on the Canary Islands as inferred from chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences and ISSR fingerprint data. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 41: 566-578.
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Other publications
  • Bräuchler, C., Dickoré, W.B. & Muhr, R. (2016). Chaenorhinum origanifolium (L.) Kostel. In Dickoré, W.B. & Springer, S. (ed.): Weitere Notizen zur Flora von München. Ber. Bayer. Bot. Ges. 86: 264.
  • Bräuchler, C. & Dickoré, W.B. (2016). Galium anglicum Huds. In Dickoré, W.B. & Springer, S. (ed.): Weitere Notizen zur Flora von München. Ber. Bayer. Bot. Ges. 86: 269-270.
  • Kollmann, J. & Bräuchler, C. (2016). Verlierer und Gewinner der bayerischen Flora in den vergangenen 50 Jahren. Was tun? Rundgespräche der Kommission für Ökologie, 44: 31-41.
  • Bräuchler, C., Gröger, A., Krimmer, J. & Meimberg, H. (2015). Eine Perspektive für die Wie-deransiedelung der Münchner Aurikel (Primula auricula var. monacensis). Ber. Bayer. Bot. Ges. 85: 73-78.
  • Bräuchler, C. (2015). Ergänzungen zu der Fundortliste für Clinopodium nepeta s.l. in Bayern. In Fleischmann, A. (ed.): Botanische Kurzberichte. Ber. Bayer. Bot. Ges. 85: 136-137.
  • Slavkovska, V.,Zlatkovic, B., Bräuchler, C., Stojanovic, D., Tzakou, O. & Couladis, M. (2013). Variations of essential oil characteristics of Clinopodium pulegium (Lamiaceae) depending on phenological stage. Botanica Serbica 37: 97-104.
  • Cohen, S.S. & Bräuchler, C. (2013). Heliotropium ovalifolium. In: Raab-Straube E. von & Raus Th. (ed.): Euro+Med-Checklist Notulae, 2. Willdenowia 43(2): 240.
  • Bräuchler, C. (2013). Das Clinopodium (Calamintha) nepeta-Aggregat in der Flora von Bayern. Ber. Bayer. Bot. Ges. 83: 161-168.
  • Carbutt, C. & Bräuchler, C. (2012) The rediscovery of Killickia grandiflora (Lamiaceae), a narrow endemic from the northern KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg. Plant Life 41/42: 40-45
  • Barina, Z., Pifkó, D., Pintér, B. & Bräuchler, C. (2010). News from the early spring flora of Albania. Acta Bot. Hung. 52: 239–245.
  • Bräuchler, C. (2010). Najas marina. Pp. 181-182, in Schuhwerk, F. (ed.): Floristische Kurzmitteilungen. Ber. Bayer. Bot. Ges. 80.
  • Phylogeny, biogeography, taxonomy und nomenclature of different groups of plants, especially the ecologically and economically imporant mint family (Lamiaceae)
  • Creation and maintenance of research infrastructure (databases, scientific collections like herbaria and botanical gardens)
  • Long term archiving of biological and ecological research data
  • History of botany (e.g. biographies of indiviual collectors like G.H.W. Schimper and history of their herbaria)
  • Molecular and ecological mechanisms of speciation in the plant kingdom
  • Effects of restoration practice at population genetic level
  • Population genetics of invasive and threatened plants in Central Europe

1999-2018 altogether 15 months collecting trips and field work in
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Laos, Lesotho, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam

2003-2018 altogether 7,5 months research in the following herbaria:
2 years at the Munich herbaria M & MSB



  • 07.2017-10.2018: Project for the reintroduction of Chimaphila umbellata and Pyrola media (funded by the Bavarian state office for environment): 4.650 €
  • 09.2016: PROMOS grant (TUM International Office) for a student field trip to Brazil: 3.780 €
  • 09.2016: Study faculty of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning grant for a student field trip to Brazil: 1.250 €
  • 12.2009-04.2013: SYNTHESYS II-projects for research at the herbaria of Edinburgh, Copenhagen, London, Stockholm and Vienna (AT-TAF-610, DK-TAF-2392, GB-TAF-2988, SE-TAF-1823): 15.000 €
  • 07.2009: DAAD-grant for congress travel and field trip in Brazil (D/09/07727): 2.500 €
  • 07.2006-10.2008: SYNTHESYS-projects for research at the herbaria of Budapest, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris and Vienna (AT-TAF-5215, DK-TAF-2606, ES-TAF-2605, FR-TAF-2090, HU-TAF-5217): 14.000 €
  • 11.2002-10.2004: Grant of the LMU Munich for a dissertation („Stipendium zur Förderung des Wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses“): 21.000 €
Teaching activies
10. 2014-10.2018: practical field and lab courses, international field trips, lectures and seminars at Technische Universität München, Chair of Restoration Ecology
1999-09.2014: numerous courses on botanical biodiversity, anatomy, plant identification, practical field and lab courses at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Theses (co)supervised

Diploma: 7 (2002-2007); Teachers: 1 (2009-2010); Bachelor: 2 (2013-); Master: 3 (2009-); PhD: 3 (2009-; 2011-2013; 2014-)

since 2015 nomenclature/section editor Lamiales for Phytotaxa
since 2008 peer-reviewing for
Annals of Botany, Annales Botanici Fennici, Belgian Journal of Botany, Biodiversity and Conservation, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Flora – Plant Morphology, Distribution and Functional Ecology, Kew Bulletin, Natur und Landschaft, Nordic Journal of Botany, Peer J, Phytotaxa, Planta Medica, Plant Systematics and Evolution, Restoration Ecology, Taxon, Thai Forest Bulletin, Turkish Journal of Botany

2004-2008 ASPT (American Society for Plant Taxonomy)
since 1999 BBG (Bayerische Botanische Gesellschaft)
since 2005 GfBS (Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik)
since 2004 IAPT (International Association of Plant Taxonomy)
Conferences and presentations
  • 09.2018 Annual meeting of the Gesellschaft für Ökologie (GfÖ), Vienna, Austria (oral and poster presentation)
  • 11.2017 Annual meeting of the Society for research on the flora of Germany, Munich, Germany (invited talk)
  • 08.2016 Annual meeting of the Society for Ecological Restoration Europe, Freising, Germany (oral presentation)
  • 02.2016 Naturschutzgenetik Tagung, Berlin, Germany (poster presentation)
  • 02.2014 TU Munich (invited talk)
  • 11.2013 GBIF-D- und GfBS-Workshop für Herbarkustoden zum Thema Sammlungserfassung, -digitalisierung und -vernetzung.
  • 09.2013 Bad Feilnbach Summer School on Plant Evolution and Systematics (oral presentation)
  • 03.2013 Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Scottland (invited talk under SYNTHESYS)
  • 03.2012 Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden (invited talk under SYNTHESYS)
  • 04.2011 talk at the Bayerische Botanische Gesellschaft
  • 02.2011 Biostystematics 2011, Berlin (two posters co-authored)
  • 11.-12.2009 4th Latin American Plants Initiative meeting Medellin, Colombia
  • 09.2009 5th Balcan Botanical Congress Belgrade (two oral presentations as presenting and senior author; poster presentation as presenting author)
  • 07.2009 60th Brazilian Botanical Congress (invited talk at Lamiaceae symposium)
  • 11.2008 3rd Latin American Plants Initiative meeting Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 04.2008 18th International Symposium Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology of the German Botanial Society Göttingen (coauthored oral presentation and poster)
  • 02.2008 Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (invited lecture)
  • 10.2007 2nd Latin American Plants Initiative meeting Panama City, Panama
  • 02./03.2007 18th AETFAT congress, Yaounde, Cameroon (oral presentation)
  • 01.2007 Symposium on Alchemillinae (Rosaceae), Zurich, Switzerland (oral presentation)
  • 09.2006 17th International Symposium Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology of the German Botanical Society, Bonn, Germany (oral presentation)
  • 02.2006 3rd African Plants Initiative meeting, Cape Town, South Africa (oral presentation)
  • 09.2005 8th Meeting of the Gesellschaft für biologische Systematik, Basel, Switzerland (poster presentation)
  • 07.2005 IBC Vienna, Austria (poster presentation; second poster coauthored)
  • 01.2005 2nd African Plants Initiative meeting, Cape Town, South Africa (oral presentation)
  • 09.2003 16th International Symposium Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology of the German Botanical Society, Frankfurt, Germany (oral presentation, poster presentation)
  • 09.2001 15th International Symposium Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology of the German Botanical Society, Bochum, Germany


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