body worlds of animals

from 17. November 2010
For the first time in Austria, Plastinator Dr. Gunther von Hagens presents his new exhibition, BODY WORLDS of Animals, at the Museum of Natural History Vienna. A holistic and sculptural anatomical menagerie, the display features the most revered species in the animal kingdom.

Better than any textbook at school, this fascinating exhibition shows the complex, intricate biology of the natural world's most remarkable creatures, and the evolutionary intelligence of their nervous system, bones, muscles and organs.


The exhibition also allows a peek under the elephant's skin. Its trunk with it's network of 40,000 muscles is a feat of design excellence, as well as virtuosity. And who would have known that a giraffe uses its 50 centimeter long bluish tongue like a hand?


BODY WORDLS of Animals' didactical approach is particularly suitable for young visitors. Seeing this special exhibition is practically a must for every child - not only as a part of biology class.