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Peer reviewed Journals

SALIARI, K.; PUCHER, E; KUCERA M. (2016): Archaeozoological investigations of the La Tène A-C1 salt-mining complex and the surrounding graves of Putzenkopf Nord (Bad Dürrnberg, Austria). Annalen des naturhistorischen Museums in Wien. A 118: 245-288.

SALIARI, K.: DRAGANITS, E. (2013): Early Bronze Age bone tubes from the Aegean: archaeological context, usage, and distribution. In Archeometriai Mühely X/3, Budapest: 179-192.

Soft reviewed articles

SALIARI, K.: KUNST, G.K. (2015): Fragments of daily life from a closed find: archaeozoological analysis at the 15th century Dominican Monastery in Tulln (Austria). In: Flohr, S. (ed.): Beiträge  zur Archäozoologie und Prähistorische Anthropologie. Band X: 123-134.

PUCHER, E.; SALIARI, K.; RAMSL, P. (2015): Römische Haustiere eines Latènezeitlichen Hausherrn in Vindobona (Wien)? In: Flohr, S. (ed.): Beiträge  zur Archäozoologie und Prähistorische Anthropologie. Band X: 71-78.

KUNST, G. K.; SALIARI, K. (2015): Vorbericht zu den Tierresten aus den Arealen Ezbet Rushdi III und IV (RIII; RIV). In Egypt and the Levant. International Journal for Egyptian Archaeology and Related Disciplines 25: 89-96.

SALIARI, K. (2014): The dawn of the 21st century: 2006-2010. In Kourtessi-Philippaki (ed.) The research of the Neolithic period in Greece. DIACHRONIA. Parartima G, Athens: 209-227 (in greek: Σαλιάρη Κ. 2014, Η αυγή του 21ου αιώνα: 2006-2010, στο Κουρτέση-Φιλιππάκη Γ. (επιμ.), Η έρευνα της Νεολιθικής εποχής στην Ελλάδα, ΔΙΑΧΡΟΝΙΑ, Παράρτημα Γ, Αθήνα, 209-227).

SALIARI, K. (2013): A Journey from Palaeolithic to Neolithic: Zooarchaeological Review of Shells from the Levant, in the 9. Tagung der Gesellschaft für Archäozoologie und Prähistorische Anthropologie, 18.09.-20.09.2012, Langenweissbach (Germany): 37-49.

 KARALI L., SALIARI C., SPYROPOULOU E. (2012): Application of archaeoenvironmental methods for the detection of natural and anthropogenic changes in Messenia. In: Zacharias N. (ed.) 2ndArchaeological Research and New Technologies Symposium, 21-23 October, University of Peloponnese, Kalamata (Greece): 85-91.

KARALI L., SALIARI K. (2014): Men in Power: The Crown of the Emperor in the Byzantine Empire. An interdisciplinary archaeological approach. In: International Conference: Alfaro, C.; Ortiz, J.; Antón, M. (eds.): Tiarae, diadems and headdresses in the Ancient Mediterranean Cultures: Symbolism and Technology, 11-13 November 2011, Valencia, Spain. Monografías del SEMA de Valencia III: 255-262.

Conference abstracts

25.04-29.04.2016 KUNST G.K.; SALIARI, K.: Pits, streets, feasts: animal bone landscapes in Tell el Dab’a.  50 Years at Tell el Dab’a and a Kick-off for the ERC Advanced Grant “The Hyksos Enigma”. 10th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (ICAANE). Vienna, Austria: 232-233.

02.02-06.02.2016 SALIARI K.; SCHMITSBERGER, O.; NEUGEBAUER-MARESCH C.; FLADERER F.A.; PENZ M.; GÖHLICH U.: Linking archaeology and palaeontology: tracing Pleistocene humans’ activities through the analysis of (mega)fauna remains from the Vienna area, Austria. Young Natural History Scientists 3rd Meeting. Museum of Natural History Paris, FRANCE. (External Grant): 22-23.

10.-13.06.2015 KUNST K. G., SALIARI K., FORSTNER-MÜLLER I. Intra-site variation in animal bone assemblages from two urban areas at Tell el-Dab’a (Egypt) - searching for a pattern, 12 ASWA, Groningen, NETHERLANDS: 62.

04.-08.09.2013 SALIARI K., KUNST G.K.: The rich and the Holy Order: Giving into temptation? Using Modern Technology to see behind the curtain of an Austrian late middle age Monastery, 19th European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Annual Meeting, Pilsen, CZECH REPUBLIC: 213.

23.-28.06 2013 SALIARI K.: "Reconstructing Prehistoric Identities: Molluscan Material from Western Asia and the Aegean", 11th International ASWA Meeting ICAZ Working Group - Archaeozoology of Southwestern Asia and Adjacent Areas, Haifa, ISRAEL: 62.