special exhibitions

Comets. The Rosetta Mission.

09. May 2018 - 12. September 2018

A Journey to the Origins of the Solar System> more

The Art of Magnetism - Temporary Ornaments

14. April 2018 - 01. July 2018

Interdisciplinary art & science intervention in Hall 1, Mineral collection of the NHM Vienna> more

BAOBAB. The magic tree. Photography by Pascal Maitre.

07. March 2018 - 03. June 2018

From 7 March until 3 June 2018 the Natural History Museum Vienna presents an exhibition with photos of the baobab tree by Pascal Maitre. > more


Our Place in Space.

20. June 2018 - 04. November 2018

Astronomie und Kunst im Dialog> more

War – Tracing an evolution

24. October 2018 - 28. April 2019

An exhibition, being held in cooperation with the Sachsen-Anhalt State Museum of Prehistory> more

new at special exhibitions

Evolution of Minerals

from 05. April 2017

Sparkling new gemstone presentation

from 31. January 2018

The NHM Vienna houses one of Europe’s finest gemstone collections. > more

shaking earth

from 20. February 2018

The new interactive animation "Shaking Earth" at the NHM Vienna provides easy-to-understand and seismologically correct information about global, regional, and local seismic activity on different timescales.> more