Bronstein Omri / project researcher
Krapf Andrea / Project researcher
Harzhauser Mathias / head of department
Göhlich Ursula B. / staff scientist and curator
Kroh Andreas / staff scientist
Lukeneder Alexander / staff scientist
Mandic Oleg / staff scientist
Neubauer Thomas A. / project researcher
Oberender Pauline / researcher
Pavuza Rudolf / Karst and Cave Research Group member
Plan Lukas / staff scientist
Nichterl Thomas / collection manager; deputy fire protection engineer
Englert Anton / preparator
Fürst Anton / preparator
Topka Franz / preparator
Pfarr Christa Edith / administrative assistant
Baron Ivo / project researcher
Georgopoulou Elisavet / project researcher
Hyzný Matús / project researcher
Mitrovic Ivanka / project researcher, PhD student
Rögl Fred / project researcher
Theobalt Dörte / project researcher
Suttner Thomas J / project researcher