MUSTANGS. Photographs by Manfred Baumann

22. November 2017 - 11. February 2018

Cats & Dogs

04. October 2017 - 02. April 2018

A dynamic, interactive exhibition about our most popular pets.> more

Mark Dion „The Tar Museum“

23. September 2017 - 14. January 2018

The Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien (mumok) is showing the exhibition Natural Histories. Traces of the Political exploring depictions of nature that make reference to social processes and contemporary history.> more


10. June 2017 - 12. June 2017

Science&Art@School is an education and outreach initiative organized world-wide by the CMS collaboration at CERN.> more

Cat’s Cradle & Lion’s Den

31. May 2017 - 08. October 2017

Nature and Art from Cranach to Klimt
Exhibit hall no. 50> more

Expansion of the Universe

25. May 2017 - 20. August 2017

Rudolf Wakolbinger presents the history of the universe as a sound installation. Part of the exhibition “How it all began. Galaxies, Quarks and Collisions”, open until 20 August 2017 > more

Natura Morta. Photographs by Oliver Mark”

26. April 2017 - 16. July 2017

in correspondence with preserved animals at the NHM Vienna
> more

Public meets

15. March 2017 - 07. January 2018

About the diversity of bird species in Vienna> more

AL HANSEN | Venus, Venus, Venus

08. March 2017 - 26. June 2017

Al Hansen and the Venus von Willendorf
(picture by Hans-Hermann Freiheitsschutzzone) > more

Diversity counts! An expedition through biodiversity

23. November 2016 - 17. April 2017

The beginning of everything. About galaxies, quarks and collisions

19. October 2016 - 20. August 2017

Exhibition extended until 20th August 2017> more

Michael Benson’s Otherworlds: Visions of Our Solar System

01. June 2016 - 18. September 2016

A photographic tour of the solar system in a mesmerizing new exhibition> more


02. March 2016 - 10. July 2016

This exhibition, designed by the Swiss National Science Foundation, focuses on stem cells and regenerative medicine.> more

Venus of Vienna

24. November 2015 - 31. January 2016

An initiative on breast cancer in cooperation with Novartis Oncology > more

Planet 3.0

11. November 2015 - 03. April 2016

Climate. Life. Future. > more

Jeff Koons: Balloon Venus (Orange)

30. September 2015 - 13. March 2016

“The Palaeolithic would be great”, said Jeff Koons, ...> more

The knowledge of things

06. May 2015 - 10. January 2016

A special exhibition on the occasion of the University of Vienna’s 650th anniversary.
This exhibition examines teaching and research in the field of natural sciences from 1755 until the modern day, focusing in particular on objects from Vienna University’s teaching and research collections. The exhibition is divided into an historical and a thematic section.> more

The world of taxidermy and preparation

15. April 2015 - 04. October 2015

Humans’ desire to preserve living objects in pristine condition is nothing new, as shown by the mummification of people and animals in Ancient Egypt.> more

Buffalo Ballad

15. April 2015 - 04. October 2015

Photographs by Heidi & Hans-Jürgen Koch> more

Desire ruin

12. December 2014 - 11. January 2015

Interventions at the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and the Mineral Collection at the Naturhistorisches Museum in cooperation with on site> more

Mammoths: ice mummies from Siberia

19. November 2014 - 02. March 2015

Human Footprint

05. November 2014 - 08. March 2015

Human Footprint: Human activity in satellite imagery
For thousands of years, humanity has conquered the planet and increasingly reshaped the environments in which we live. The concept of the “human footprint” describes the extent to which man’s activities influence the Earth’s different regions, landscapes, and ecosystems. > more

BIO•FICTION Science, Art and Film Festival

23. October 2014 - 25. October 2014

SCIENCE AND ART. BIO•FICTION is a science, art and film festival, which deals with the field of synthetic biology, a young branch within biotechnology. (Lecture Hall) > more

Sonar Impact

28. September 2014 - 31. October 2014

natural history - from James Benning

28. September 2014 - 26. October 2014

an HD film installation from James Benning in Hall 50 > more

Ferdinand Bauer. The first Austrian artist in Australia

27. August 2014 - 28. September 2014

200th Anniversary of the return of Austrian botanical artist Ferdinand Bauer to Vienna > more

time trips – wie kann man zeit zeigen?

25. June 2014 - 29. June 2015

rohstoffe und ihre endlichkeit - the future we want

19. May 2014 - 20. April 2015

The long shadow of Chernobyl

14. May 2014 - 01. September 2014

Captivating images by National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig’s nine visits to Chernobyl in 28 years tell us tragic stories of the life of the victims, the exclusion zone and the abandoned city of Pripyat. (Hall 50) > more

Tierlaute aus dem Nebel

10. April 2014 - 25. August 2014

Opening: Wednesday, 9th of april, 7 p.m (Hall 35) "Altare degli Animali" - Ute Rakob´s special exhibition in the Natural History Museum

Experiment Life - Gabonionta

12. March 2014 - 05. October 2014

In 2010, an article in the journal Nature hit like a bombshell. The French-Moroccan geologist Abderrazak El Albani from the University of Poitiers and French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) described the oldest macrofossils of complex, colonial organisms from 2.1-billion-year-old shales in Gabon. > more

Chelyabinsk Meteorite

15. February 2014 - 14. February 2015

Hall 5: The fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, in the southern Ural region of Russia, on 15 February 2013, was the most spectacular cosmic event of the last decades. Following this incredible event, researchers from all over the word, including those at the NHM Vienna, have started to study this event and the recovered samples. > more

Reichenbach's orchids. Hidden treasure at the NHM

14. February 2014 - 21. April 2014

Hall 50; the heart of this fascinating exhibition is the treasured orchid collection bequeathed to the Natural History Museum by the German botanist Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach in 1889. > more

The Ensisheim Meteorite / La météorite d'Ensisheim

15. November 2013 - 18. November 2013

The Ensisheim meteorite belongs to the oldest meteorite fall witnessed in Europe of which fragments are still preserved today.
La météorite d'Ensisheim est la plus ancienne chute de météorite observée en Europe dont des fragments sont encore conservés de nos jours. > more

Mariner 9 (hall 50)

06. November 2013 - 06. January 2014

The multimedia installation Mariner 9 by the Canadian artist Kelly Richardson presents a panoramic view of a Martian landscape set hundreds of years into the future, littered with the rusting remains from various missions to the planet. > more

Trading in Death - the Final Mass Extinction?

23. October 2013 - 30. June 2014

This exhibition, dealing with the current decrease in biodiversity which is caused by habitat destruction, by blatant overuse of natural resources, but also by climate change and illegal trade with protected species, will leave no one indifferent! > more


12. April 2013 - 14. July 2013

Robert Koch, the co-founder of modern microbiology, died more than a century ago on 27 May 1910. In 1905 he received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus. > more

Gunther von Hagens KÖRPERWELTEN

13. March 2013 - 11. August 2013

Nicole Prutsch MASSNAHME

23. January 2013 - 17. March 2013

KLAUS PICHLER - Skeletons in the Closet

16. November 2012 - 03. February 2013

Amazing Africa - Fotografien von Pascal Maitre

03. October 2012 - 11. November 2012

Steinbrener/Dempf - FREEZE! Dioramen und Stillleben

06. June 2012 - 23. September 2012

Daniel Spoerri im Naturhistorischen Museum - ein inkompetenter Dialog?

23. May 2012 - 17. September 2012


01. February 2012 - 24. November 2013

Textile Verbindungen zwischen Forschung und Kunst > more

Old masters - dinosaurs and meteorites

02. December 2011 - 09. April 2012

Xtremes - living in extremes

28. October 2011 - 26. April 2012

Animals as survivors: Species that can assert in the most inhospitable habitats on earth thanks to their excellent adaptability.

dolomiten - das steinerne herz der welt

02. September 2011 - 26. October 2011

Parasiten - Life undercover

01. June 2011 - 12. September 2011


14. May 2011 - 26. June 2011

Art exhibition about Synthetic Biology: this exhibition conveys a glimpse into Synthetic Biology and its potential societal ramifications through an artists’ point of view.> more

Bio:Fiction - Science, Art- & Film Festival

13. May 2011 - 14. May 2011

Biotech-labs around the world are busy in the field of Synthetic Biology ? a new approach to engineer “life” and living systems. Synthetic biology aims at applying engineering principles to biology. The DNA of an organism is no longer manipulated, but programmed on a computer and built up from scratch. Bio:Fiction Science, Art & Filmfestival aims at attracting public awareness to this technology and its ramifications for our daily life in the future.> more

Space. About a dream

01. April 2011 - 15. August 2011

The exhibition takes place in the Kunsthalle Wien as well as in some rooms of the Natural History Museum of Vienna. Space always carried a tremendous fascination for people. This enchantment has been reflected in a great variety of forms throughout art history.> more

Alles Natur, Alles Chemie

26. March 2011 - 09. January 2012

Resarch Path through the Museum

19. February 2011 - 14. July 2013

12 showcases of fascinating current research projects presented by NHM scientists

body worlds of animals

17. November 2010 - 04. April 2011

For the first time in Austria, Plastinator Dr. Gunther von Hagens presents his new exhibition, BODY WORLDS of Animals, at the Museum of Natural History Vienna. A holistic and sculptural anatomical menagerie, the display features the most revered species in the animal kingdom.> more

body worlds of animals

17. November 2010 - 04. April 2011

For the first time in Austria, Plastinator Dr. Gunther von Hagens presents his new exhibition, BODY WORLDS of Animals, at the Museum of Natural History Vienna. A holistic and sculptural anatomical menagerie, the display features the most revered species in the animal kingdom.> more

caves - landscapes without light

29. September 2010 - 06. January 2013

An interdisciplinary and interactive exhibit on caves and karst, with topics ranging from the beauty and formation of caves to their scientific importance (e.g., for paleoclimate information) and societal relevance (e.g., for the water supply of Vienna).> more

treasures from the archive

29. September 2010 - 06. January 2013

For the first time the Archive of the Natural History Museum shows some of its priceless treasures to the public. Due to conservation issues, some exhibits change every 6 months.