Current Issues


Archaeologie am Berg 2016

August 20th & 21st
Hallstatt: Archäologie am Berg
NHM-Scientists present their latest research results in the Hallstätter Salzberg. On 20th and 21st of August from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Alteration of Exhibition Halls in the NHM

The new Hallstatt Hall
Along with the exhibition halls 11 and 13 and the Hallstatt-Hall at the Natural History Museum is currently being renovated. The opening is planned for 09-29-2015.

Torrent Control

Archaeological monitoring in the Hallstatt High Valley
The Natural History Museum of Vienna supports the Ministry of Environment in measures to torrent control in the Hallstatt high valley.

Hallstatt Burial Site

Excavation 2015
Led by the director of our department, Dr. Anton Kern, a team of archaeologists diged at Langmoosbach in Hallstatt High Valley from June to early August.

Prehistoric Mine

Excavation in 2015
This year, the 20-member team led by Mag Hans Reschreiter tries to learn more about the dimension of the stope in Chrtistian von Tusch-Werk.

NESAT 2014

International symposium on textile archeology in Hallstatt
Every 3 years textile researchers from Central Europe meet to the prestigious NESAT Symposium. This year it took place in Hallstatt.


Searching Traces at the Bottom of Lake Hallstatt
Data of seismic reflection measurements and samples of sea mud from the Lake Hallstatt provide information about the nature and origin of the mud layers

Ceramics from the Burial Site

Analyses to the Origin of Raw Materials
Researchers and scientists of the Geologische Bundesanstalt and the University of Agriculture in Vienna are trying to determine the origin of the raw materials of ceramic offerings from the cemetery.