A scent of love

Happy Valentine's Day!
In honour of this day, we present a special couple:

Siberian musk deer are strict loners, but we have a couple in our exhibition hall! They are nocturnal cloven-hoofed animals that live in the thick mountain woods of Central and Eastern Asia at altitudes of 2,500 to 3,500 meters. They are good climbers and jumpers and can even climb inclined tree trunks. Their typical hopping movement is due to their long back legs.

The male possesses the musk sac, an abdominal glandular pouch between the navel and the penis. The brownish, strong-smelling contents are used to make soaps and perfume and have an aphrodisiac effect.

On display in hall 37.
(Photo: NHM Vienna, Lois Lammerhuber)