bamboo bear

Although giant pandas are doubtlessly one of the best known animal species, there are at most only 3,000 of them in the world today. They are rarely shown in museum collections.
At not even 6,000 square kilometers, the panda's natural habitat is tiny. Humans have seldom been successful at raising panda offspring. Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna is one major exception. With highly specialized eating habits, the panda bear is dependent on mountainous regions thickly vegetated with bamboo.
A female panda bear generally gives birth to just one tiny cub every three years. At its birth, the helpless newborn cubs weigh no more than 130 grams: forty per cent of all panda cubs do not survive the first year.

The specimen at NHM Vienna is on display in hall 38.

Photo: NHM Vienna, Lois Lammerhuber