Older than the Woolly Mammoth?

Fossil tusks of a large mammoth were excavated in August 2016 by the team of the Geological-Paleontological Department of the Natural History Museum. The exciting fossils were found earlier by colleagues from the Geological Survey during mapping along the road construction by the ASFINAG close to Bullendorf in Lower Austria. Two complete tusks of more than 2.5 m length were excavated along with some vertebrae. The fossils were carefully wrapped with plaster-of-Paris and transported to the NHMW-laboratories.

All tusks and bones seem to belong to a single specimen, which became embedded by mud and sand of the paleo-Zaya-river. The geological situation and especially the shape of the tusks suggest that the remnants do not represent the “ordinary” Woolly Mammoth but a much older ancestor.

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