Much discussed in the media recently, the “Balkan route” has in fact been an important crossroads for migrants for centuries, long before the current refugee movements. But it is not only humans who have come from Asia to Europe via the Balkans. The collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto) is a bird species which arrived in the 20th century and spread quickly. Today it is a common sight in our towns and cities. In summer its characteristic call of “Hu, huu, hu“ is often heard. This elegant but inconspicuous beige-brown bird began breeding in Austria in the 1940s. The art gallery frei_raum Q21 is currently showing an exhibition entitled “ajnhajtclub” looking at the culture of the guest workers who migrated to Austria after the Second World War to work. The exhibition also addresses the migration of birds such as the collared dove. The bird specimens on display were provided by the NHM Vienna.