Great-Uncle Squid

Leptoteuthis gigas Meyer 1834 is a recently restored fossilized squid (Teuthoidea) from Solnhofen in southern Germany dating to the Late Jurassic.
 The fossil was brought back to life in over 100 hours of painstaking work carried out by restoration expert Franz Topka from the Department of Geology and Paleontology under the guidance of Dr. Alexander Lukeneder. Measuring around 110cm in length, the squid – which belongs to the class of the cephalopods – comes from the 150-million-year-old lithographic limestone of Solnhofen and is one of the largest of its kind ever found. It is related to the giant squid (Architeuthis) still found in the world’s oceans today – one could say that the Teuthoidea is something like the great uncle of the modern Architeuthis.
(Picture: the head of the squid)

© NHM Wien, Alice Schumacher