Golden Medal

In mid-October, the Golden Jovan Cvijić Commemorative Medal was awarded to Dr. Lukas Plan from the Karst and Caves Working Group (Department of Geology and Paleontology, NHM Vienna) in recognition of the museum’s contribution to developments in the field of geography and geomorphology.
The medal was awarded as part of celebrations held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade to mark the 150th birthday of Jovan Cvijić. It was presented by the President of the Academy, Vladimir S. Kostić, in the presence of the Serbian president, Tomislav Nikolić, and the minister of education and science, Srđan Verbić.
Jovan Cvijić, who completed his geography PhD at the University of Vienna in 1893 with a doctoral dissertation on “The Karst Phenomenon”, is considered the founding father of modern karst research and morphology.

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