Excavations at the Hallstatt burial site

The excavation at the famous burial site of Hallstatt has begun in June. The research was directed by Dr. Anton Kern, Head of Prehistoric department of the Natural History Museum Vienna. Until early August a team was in charge at Langmoosbach in Hallstatt High Valley to examine remains of Bronze Age settlement.

This years focus was on several wood layers, detected in the pasts campaings. The wooden construction has preserved some characteristic marks. The function was not yet revealed. Whether or not this was another Surbecken, as they are known from the High Valley, or a different kind of construction can yet not be said according to the current state of knowledge. The construction dates around 1200 BC, as is already revealed through analysis of the wood. Dendrochronology as well as 14C analysis confirmed this date.

(A. Kern - C. Loew)