Bio:Fiction - Science, Art- & Film Festival

from 13. May 2011
Biotech-labs around the world are busy in the field of Synthetic Biology ? a new approach to engineer “life” and living systems. Synthetic biology aims at applying engineering principles to biology. The DNA of an organism is no longer manipulated, but programmed on a computer and built up from scratch. Bio:Fiction Science, Art & Filmfestival aims at attracting public awareness to this technology and its ramifications for our daily life in the future.


Synthetic biology: life 2.0

Synthetic biology as a new form of biotechnology will not only modify organisms, but construct them from scratch. Today’s technological capabilities allow for reading and electronically storing genes, changing and synthesizing them de-novo. With that tools it will be possible to construct organisms like electronic circuits, design evolutionary processes and realize new types of applications. Synthetic biology could significantly affect our daily lifes in the future, but how are we going to shape the future of evolution? The Science, Art and Film Festival Bio:Fiction and the bio-art exhibition Synth-ethics invite scientists, artists, filmmakers and museum visitors, to discuss the scientific and technological basics of synthetic biology and its potential societal consequences.