HR Dr.
Herbert Kritscher

1978-1995 curator of the permanent exhibition of anthropology about evolution of human beings

Dignosis after 1000 years - special exhibition about diseases, lesions and changes of rests of sceletts;

Rudolf Pöch, doctor, anthropologist, ethnograph - exhibtion in memoriam of the person;

Zones of Time - presentation of the grave finds in Stillfried/March;

The Human Story - special exhibition about human evolution;

"Museumsbus" - exhibition on tour in Austria, special marketing event for invitation to visit Natural History Museum in Vienna;

Your brain is better you thought - special interactive exhibition

20.3.1955 born in Vienna 2nd dep., primary school and secondary school Vienna 2nd dep., Vereinsgasse;

1973-74 studies in technical chemistry at the Technical University Vienna;

1974-81 studies in human biology and psychology at the University of Vienna;

1.1981 graduation, Ph.D.;

1976-1981 employment on Natural History Museum Vienna in the department of Anthropology: preparation, library and management of exhibitions;

1981-1994 scientific collaboration and chief collector of the department of Anthropology;

1981 marriage to Elisabeth Kritscher, dentist;

1982 birth of his son Markus;

1994-2002 first clerk and assistant to the director general for all business affairs of Natural History Museum Vienna;

2003-2009 vicedirector of NHM Vienna;

2003 up to date president of Anthropological Society Vienna;

1.2010-5.2010 director general interim

2010 - 2020: CFO and vicedirector of NHM Vienna


Berner Margit
staff scientist, curator
Eggers Sabine
staff scientist, curator
Haselbacher Roman
preparation / PaSiN
Hofecker Verena
collection manager PaSiN
Marschler Maria
Synthesys+ AT-TAF Administrator, VA Coordinator DiSSCo Prepare Secretariat
Novotny Friederike
project researcher
Pany-Kucera Doris
Scientific assistant in the ERC Synergy Grant HistoGenes Projekt (OEAW), Department of Anthropology, Natural History Museum Vienna
Patzak Anatole
PaSiN / Shop
Spannagl-Steiner Ute Michaela
scientific assistant Austrian Academy of Science, place of work: department of anthropology, NHM-Vienna
Stadlmayr Andrea
staff scientist, outreach coordinator, Synthesys+ AT-TAF TA administrator
Voglsinger Bettina
administrative assistant
Walch August
Wiltschke-Schrotta Karin
Head of department