Visit the museum virtually

On the blog for the new special exhibition "Best Before. When food becomes waste", the content of the exhibition is shown in the form of videos, animations and text entries. So you can already experience the exhibition online!

On our social media channels Facebook or Instagram, we offer online guided tours through the current special exhibition "Best Before" and we keep you up to date with the latest news from the museum about the exhibition and new developments regarding the Covid 19 regulations.

Here you find films about the museum that give you a detailed view of parts of the collection and on the work behind the scenes.

Visit our Youtube-channel to watch a variety of videos about the museum or current exhibitions.

With our Citizen Science series, you can participate in science from the comfort of your own home! Every contribution counts and is of enormous value for our research.

You can visit the whole exhibition area virtually on Google Arts&Culture . On this platform you also find a special exhibition on our famous “Venus von Willendorf” and other „Top 100“ – objects.

There is a special interactive offer for fans of minerals and gemstones:
You can immerse yourself in the evolution of minerals with the Digitorial (in German). Our Online-games are playful activities with minerals – you can choose between four different games (in German).

You can use our online-collection to find detailed information on our exhibits and the collection of NHM Vienna. Here you find 1011 digital data sets from different subject areas (in German).

Our offer #NHMWienFromHome for young and old, which was created in the first lockdown in spring, can be found here. (in German)
Scientists and museum educators present experiments and research tasks for the home, as well as special features from the exhibition areas and the past special exhibition.

We are looking forward to your virtual visit!

For information about your museum visit or ticket options, please look here.