NESAT Symposium 2014 in Hallstatt

In May 2014 the NHM Vienna and the Salzwelten hosted the renowned NESAT Symposium which brings together Central European experts in various fields of textile research every three years. Hallstatt in Upper Austria was the setting this time for the participants from textile archaeology and history, art history and restoration, natural sciences and handicrafts to discuss their current projects.

Most prehistoric textiles which have been found were preserved in moorland or tree-coffins in Northern Europe. It was these finds which inspired the first conference of this kind in 1981. The items found in Hallstatt, particularly those from the prehistoric mines, add their own, unique aspect to the existing catalogue of textile finds from Central Europe - the excellent conditions in which they were preserved make it possible to investigate not only weaving and sewing techniques but also methods used to dye fabrics.  These wonderfully colorful textiles, predominantly dating to the Hallstatt Period, gives researchers a special insight into prehistoric handicrafts.

The internationally renowned symposium in Hallstatt attracted participants from Central Europe, Spain, Greece, the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The weather was ideal for the visits to the Salzbergtal valley, the prehistoric mines and the quiet village of Hallstatt itself on the shores of Lake Hallstatt.

(Loew, C. - Grömer, K.)

Universität für Bodenkultur

Das Nordeuropäische Symposium für archäologische Textilien (NESAT) versteht sich als ein Forum, in dem Funde oder Themen präsentiert werden, die derzeit in der Textilforschung bearbeitet und interdisziplinär untersucht werden. > more