monthly program

Wednesday, 22. August 2018, 16:30

E-Light Pollution

Margarita Metaxa, Constance Walker, August 22, 4.30 p.m.

Lecture and exhibition to show how light pollution affects everyone, as well as its impact on astronomical observations.

Hold by the International Astronomical Union.
The event will be introduced by the astronomers Dr. Margarita Metaxa (National Observatory of Athens, Greece) and Dr. Constance Walker (National Optical Astronomy Observatory, USA) who will further explain the science of light pollution and suggest solutions to control it.

The lecture takes place at the NHM Vienna lecture hall.

After the lecture, 100 pictures of an E-Light-Pollution-competition will be shown in Hall 16 (on display until September 12th), as well as a film in the Digital Planetarium.